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Military Specialized Type

Militaryspecial containerproduct introduction:Military containers are usually divided into ordinary military containers, special material containers, aviation containers and combined containers.Introduction to the size specifications of military containers:20 feetFeaturesof militar

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Military special container product introduction:

Military containers are usually divided into ordinary military containers, special material containers, aviation containers and combined containers.

Introduction to the size specifications of military containers:

20 feet

Features of military special containers:

1: The box production cycle is short and the life is long

2: Easy to hoist, easy to move

3: The container has high process strength, suitable for the installation of large power equipment, applicable

4: Completely in accordance with the pre-ordered equipment model, use, to customize, design drawings, more beautiful, practical, flexible to use

5. Mobility: movable, reusable:

6. Quick formation: short manufacturing period, no foundation.

7. Safety: steel structure, windproof, shockproof.

8. Durability: steel plate outer wall, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, no rust and no cracking, service life is more than 20 years.

9. Sound insulation and heat insulation: the use of air insulation design, sound insulation and heat insulation are good.

10. Aesthetics: can do a variety of modeling design, the outer wall has many colors, bright appearance, beautiful.

11. Low cost, low cost, high quality and low price.


Military special container product performance introduction:

It is a small container made according to a certain specification size, usually 3 or 4 small containers can be connected into a standard 20-foot container; Small containers can use military and civilian general vehicles and handling equipment to implement transportation support in tactical areas, and after combination, they can meet the operational requirements of 20-foot standard container civilian professional transportation and loading and unloading equipment.

Warnerwell military special container product advantages introduction:

1: Adhere to high quality

The container corner parts are made of national standard corner parts, the outer side plate and the top plate are made of Q235 or weathering steel (the material type is determined according to the use environment and load), and the spraying adopts marine heavy anti-corrosion coating.

2: Support free customization

Customize exclusive boxes according to equipment requirements, configuration requirements, structural requirements, weight requirements, size requirements, sound insulation, heat preservation, circuit, fire protection, and other needs.

3: Lower cost

More than 90% of the construction projects can be completed in the factory, and after transportation to the site, only the line connection, commissioning, and can be put into use, eliminating cumbersome on-site construction links and saving costs.

4: Lower shipping cost

The whole can move with the vehicle, meet the needs of long-distance transportation, and meet the relevant requirements of road traffic regulations.

5: Beautiful appearance

Personalized box, exquisite appearance, to create exclusive boxes for customers.

6: Good delivery time

The company has perfect production line equipment, professional and technical personnel and through strict quality inspection, has efficient production efficiency, shorten the delivery period.

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