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Wuxi Huanawell Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  was first established in 2013, due to the needs of business development, the company relocated the container plate to Yancheng Dafeng in 2021, established Jiangsu Warnerwell Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., and upgraded the production line, which is the current production line with rational production layout and advanced equipment in the same industry, with an annual output value of more than 1 million yuan after relocation and transformation. The company is mainly a professional manufacturing enterprise mainly engaged in the design and production of special containers and standard containers. We not only have perfect manufacturing equipment, but also have a professional production team and excellent design and development personnel, and rely on strict scientific management to provide high-quality assurance for products.

The main categories of the company's special container products are: explosion-proof box, generator set box, energy storage power generation box, photovoltaic inverter box, data center box, power equipment box, environmental protection equipment box, military equipment box, various office life boxes, etc., and can also design and independently develop a variety of special containers with the concept of science and technology, environmental protection and innovation according to the special requirements of various enterprises and scientific research units. Its products have been widely involved in electric power construction, infrastructure, engineering construction, photovoltaic inverter, new energy charging stations, data center construction, petrochemical, medical machinery, military and other fields.

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