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Rack chemical containers

层架式化学品集装箱为我司集合先进科技全新出品,用于存储圆桶及IBC桶等一些大型容器的化学品集装箱化学品集装箱拥有欧洲颁发的防爆认证防渗漏托盘系统;较强的防液体泄漏功能防锈镀锌钢板,钢焊接主体适用于存储圆桶和IBC超大容器减少火灾隐患提高生产效率可配备多种系统:◇ 舱外灭火系统

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The shelf chemical container is a new product of our company that integrates advanced technology and is used to store some large containers such as drums and IBC drums

Chemical containers have explosion-proof certification issued by Europe

Leak-proof pallet system; Strong anti-liquid leakage function

Anti-rust galvanized steel sheet, steel welded body

Suitable for storing drums and IBC oversized containers

Reduce fire hazards and increase productivity

Can be equipped with a variety of systems:

◇ Extinguishing system, emergency rescue system and access control system, leakage prevention system

◇ Cabin fire protection system, pressure relief system, temperature and humidity control system, lighting system, ventilation system and explosion-proof control system

◇ Lightning protection system, electrostatic treatment system

Outdoor chemical containers are divided into three categories, shelf chemical containers, walk-in chemical containers and laboratory waste staging cabinets, and chemical container categories can be selected according to actual needs.

Size and type of container to be stored:

IBC=1000 liter drum, CP=chemical pallet (4*200 liter round), EP=European pallet (2*200 liter drum), Drum=200 liter drum.

Type to store:

In the storage operation, different chemical containers are selected according to the stored items: the shelf chemical container is mainly used to store drums and IBC oversized containers; Walk-in chemical containers are mainly used to store drums and small containers; Waste staging cabinets are mainly used for temporary storage of various laboratory hazardous wastes.

If overflow occurs, it should be cleaned up immediately.


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