Warranty Policy

This warranty policy stipulates the general conditions and terms that Huanawell product lines enjoy. It specifies subject,warranty period,exceptions,claim procedures and other miscellaneous terms.

Limited Warranty Policy to International Distributor Only
1st amended draft in March 4, 2015


Warranty Subject:

  1. Limited warranty against obvious manufacturing defects ONLY found within 15 days after opening the product packing or product installation at user’s facility
  2. Within certain Warranty Period specified below, possible observable major functionality problem due to latent manufacturing defects, which affect or fail the product functionality.
  3. Within certain Warranty Period specified below, accessory (rails, locks, hinges etc.) damage under normal use.


Warranty Period:5 years for ZYF & ZYC Series
1 year for Compact Hotel Safes & PP (Polypropylene) Cabinet
1 year for all other HUANAWELL product lines.


Warranty Policy
The warranty is only valid for product application/installation fulfilling the relevant norms/regulations and environment requirements. The products shall be under usage of normal condition or as recommended in the manual or norms/regulations afore said.


Huanawell would replace or repair defective products otherwise afford such repairing charges conditionally within 2~4 weeks upon our approved inspection of the returned product or damage report in details except:
1. Product that has been modified by the user.
2. Product was not installed or maintained according to manual or specification accompanied.
3. Product was subject to unusual physical or electrical stress, misuse, or negligence.
4. Product was non-defective or product defect was not related to Huanawell product functionality, including third-party modifications.
5. Other damages caused after receipt of product by customer.
6. Custom designed product warranty is subject to the agreement, no return accepted. 


Warranty Claim

  1. Prepare and provide following information
    1) Defective items (including part number and product name) and quantity
    2) Description of the manufacturing defects involved
    3) Proofs of defect, e.g. photos and videos. Environment
    4) Distributor’s original invoice and product manufacturing date, batch No. etc information cited by Huanawell Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    5) Date of purchase and, if already installed, date of installation
  2. Contact Huanawell Customer Service Team
    At this moment, please use one of the following methods to provide information and proceed.
    E-mail: sales@huanawell.com; yang@huanawell.com;   Tel: +86-158-0618-2371
    Our Customer Service will advise on the relevant steps to precede warranty claims.  


In principle, if accessories damaged confirmed within Huanawell’s warranty policy, Huanawell would send accessories with next order shipment. If urgent problem request, we would consider send accessories by air while air freight shall be taken by Distributor or end user.

After-fire replacement policy for ZYF Series fire resistant filing cabinet
In case of fire, fire proof materials inside the cabinet wall cavity generate chemical reaction till their fire resistant effect failed. To obtain the new product of the same model free from the manufacturer, the user need to provide the manufacturer with recorded pictures or videos on the fire spot, related statement letter approved or issued directly by local fire authority.


Note: this warranty policy is valid only before December 31st of 2015, and any products that ordered and made before this date is applicable to this warranty policy.