JIS Fire-Resistance Test

Safes are officially approved to surpass the JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) in the furnace test (one-two hour heating and dropping test under ITS) regulated by applicable law (JIS-S-1037-12)...

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JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard ) Fire Resistant Test No. JIS S 1037

Our Fireproof Filing Cabinet (ZYFS Series) and Fire Resistant safes (ZYD Series) products passed rigid JIS fire resistant test (60 and 120 minutes) and / or impact and drop combination test, whose testing regulations are same as ULs.


Method for fire resistant test
A testing safe is heated in the heating furnace during 30 or 60 or 120 minutes and after heating, the safe is kept in the furnace until inside temperature of safe begins to fall. Heating temperature in the furnace are 843 degree C for 30 minutes, 927C for 60 minutes and 1010C for 120 minutes respectively. After that, Inside temperature is measured by 3 thermocouples put inside of the safe. Max. allowable inside temperature of safe should be less than 177 degree C. In case of computer data safe, max. allowable inside temperature and humidity of the safe are 52C and 80% respectively.

Impact and drop combination test
A testing safe is put in the furnace heated more than 1090C for 20-30 minutes and the safe is dropped from the height of 30 feet(9.1 m) on cracked bricks. And then the safe is reheated for some time. After heating, the safe is checked if it is cracked and locked and paper inside of the safe is discolored.

Burglar Resistant Test

Various burglar resistant tests are executed by Japan Testing Center authorized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on the basis of testing standards specified by the Japan Federation of Safe Furniture Manufacture Cooperative.

A testing safe is attempted to break in by attacking the locking mechanism and latch or to pry open the door by using crowbar, saw for metal etc. during 15 minutes.

A testing safe is attempted to break in by using electric tool and other hand tools.

A testing safe is attempted to break in by using gas torch, electric tool and other hand tools. All burglar tests are executed after studying the drawings by testing people in advance.