Venezuela Sino-Firm® Countertop and Compact Safety Cabinets

Store flammables safely even when available space is at a minimumFor Venezuela market.

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venezuela flammable safety cabinet

Venezuela Product Overview
  • These cabinets are ideal when storing lesser quantities of flammable liquids at a workstation or adding to existing storage capacities.
  • Countertop Safety Cabinets allow increased access to frequently used liquids, without compromising safety. Portable size keeps work areas flexible. Use optional wall hanger assembly for wall mounting.
  • Compact Safety Cabinets fit almost anywhere and provide protection even where space is at a premium. Only 23-1/4-in (591-mm) wide, they hold a full 12- or 15-gallons (45- or 57-L) of flammables.

  • Attributes & Specifications

    Sino-Firm® Countertop and Compact Safety Cabinets

    Number of Doors
    and Style
    Dimensions H x W x D Adjustable
    Sump Capacity
    Model No Ship Wt
    Exterior Interior lb/kg
    Exterior Interior
    4/15 countertop; 1 door, manual 22 x 17 x 17 in
    559 x 432 x 432 mm
    18.5 x 13.75 x 13.75 in
    470 x 349 x 349 mm
    1 Please consult to manufacturer or application engineer ZYC0004 62/28.0
    12/45 compact; 1 door manual 35 x 23.25 x 18 in
    889 x 591 x 457 mm
    30.5 x 20 x 14.56 in
    775 x 508 x 370 mm
    ZYC0012 130/59.0
    15/57* compact; 1 door manual 44 x 23.25 x 18 in
    1118 x 591 x 457 mm
    39.625 x 20 x 14.56 in
    1006 x 508 x 370 mm
    ZYC0015 154/70.0

    *this is customized product which need client to ask for and it may take more lead time.

    Applied industries

    venezuela petroleum
    venezuela manufacturing
    venezuela Lab
    venezuela Pharmaceutical
    venezuela Electronic
    venezuela Food
    venezuela metallurgy
    venezuela Miscellaneous