Turkey Benchtop Polypropylene Safety Cabinets

Exclusively formulated ideal solutions for storage of acids,bases and solvents etc. in laboratoryFor Turkey market.

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turkey polypropylene (PP) safety cabinet - benchtop type

Turkey Product Overview
  • All models come with original polyprolene board seamless welding construction, adjustable shelves, robust anticorrosive hinges, secure doors and leveling feet.
  • Polypropylene trays attached to cabinets shelves resist aggressive chemicals, retaining containers, holders and leaked liquid etc..
  • High visible "CORROSIVE" label is put on the cabinet door surface. Extra safety lock (lock-out) of engineering plastic materials is adopted to keep cabinets securely locked.
  • With a normal life endurance of over10 years

  • Attributes & Specifications

    Benchtop Polypropylene Safety Cabinets

    Number of Doors
    and Style
    Dimensions H x W x D Adjustable
    Model No Ship Wt
    Exterior Interior lb/kg
    Exterior Interior
    4/15 1 door, manual, countertop 22 x 17 x17 in
    560 x 430 x 430 mm
    21 x 16 x 16 in
    535 x 410 x 410 mm
    1 ZYP0004 24/11
    12/45 1 door, manual, compact 35 x 23.25 x 18 in
    890 x 590 x 460 mm
    34 x 22.4 x 17.3 in
    865 x 570 x 440 mm
    ZYP0012 55/25

    * These cabinets are ideal for storage of phenol, nitric acid or sulphuric acid stored in glass bottle or containers.

    Applied industries

    turkey Lab
    turkey Pharmaceutical
    turkey manufacturing
    turkey Electronic
    turkey Food
    turkey metallurgy
    turkey petroleum
    turkey Miscellaneous