Turkey Sino-Firm® Corner Safety Cabinets

Maximize corner space while retaining full storage capacityFor Turkey market.

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turkey flammable safety cabinet

Turkey Product Overview
  • Designed especially for environments where space is at a minimum, this cabinet fits nicely into an empty corner to maximize the amount of space available for storage.
  • Improve efficiency by locating materials near point-of-use and get the most out of limited floor space.
  • Available in 30- (114-L) and 45-gallon (170-L) capacities, manual-closing door styles, Sino-Firm® corner safety cabinets help to increase maximum allowable quantities of flammable and combustible liquids in control areas.
  • Designed to meet OSHA, NFPA 30, and NFPA 1 standards, corner safety cabinets have all of the same features as the classic line of flammable safety cabinets including a fail-safe, three-point self latching door, double-walled construction with 1-1/2-in (38-mm) air space, dual vents, a grounding connector and a large trilingual warning label identifying contents.
  • Galvanized steel shelves direct spills to the back and bottom of a leakproof 2-in (51-mm) sump.

  • Attributes & Specifications

    Sino-Firm® Wall-mount Safety Cabinets

    Number of Doors
    and Style
    Dimensions H x W x D Adjustable
    Sump Capacity
    Model No Ship Wt
    Exterior Interior lb/kg
    Exterior Interior
    30/114 2 door, manual 44 in x 43 in x 21.75 in
    1118 x 1093 x 552 mm
    40.125 x 39.5 x 18.375 in
    1019 x 1003 x 467 mm
    1 Please consult to manufacturer or application engineer ZYC0030CN 207/94
    45/170 65.25 x 43 x 21.75 in
    1657 x 1093 x 552 mm
    61 x 39.5 x 18.375 in
    1549 x 1003 x 467 mm
    2 ZYC0045CN 284/129

    *both above goods are customized products which need client to ask for and it may take more lead time.

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