Malaysia Chemical Safety Cans

We o‡ffer FM Approved Compliance Solutions in a variety of poly and stainless cans, lab cans, faucet cans, disposal cans, plunger, bench & daub cans, and poly oily waste cans to help keep your personnel and facilities protected.

Below are list of our Safety Can products:
    • Type I Safety Cans
    • Type II Safety Cans
    • Type I Poly Cans
    • Stainless Cans
    • Lab Cans
    • Faucet Cans
    • DOT Cans
    • Disposal Cans
    • Specialty Cans
    • Plunger Cans
    • Bench Cans
    • Daub Cans
    • Poly Oily Waste Cans
    • Biohazardous Cans
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malaysia SAFESMOKER Cigarette Receptacle