Italy Specialty Sorbents

Various styles and contents for indoor and outdoor applications

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Specialty Sorbents

Universal Socks & Pillows contain a blend of polypropylene and cellulose recycled fibers to help fulfill environmental initiatives. Because they contain a blend of material, do not use with acids, bases or unknown liquids. Use socks around large spills to prevent spreading, or mold around machine bases. Pillows offer high volume spill cleanup in tight spaces.

Oil Only Socks, Pillows, and Booms are made of 100% polypropylene. They absorb oil but repel water; ideal for use on waterborne spills. Wrap socks around leaky outdoor equipment. Pillows soak up oil in ponds, basins, and tanks. Non-toxic, non-shedding floating booms include rope and snap links for linking together for quick deployment in waterways.

Hazmat Pads, Rolls, Socks, and Pillows soak up acids and bases. Made of surfactant-treated polypropylene, they are ideal for unknown liquids; they won’t react with aggressive chemicals and solvents. High visibility colors quickly identify hazardous conditions.