Italy Fireproof Filing Cabinet - ZYF Series

Fireproof Filing Cabinets are built with extra vertical height to file even the largest documents and with capabilities that allow for fling of any combination of A-4, box file, foolscap, ledger and folio sizes.
For safeguarding your valuable records and documents, no other fireproof file gives you as much peace of mind as our cabinet. It protects documents for at least one hour in temperatures over 1700° FFor Italy market.

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italy Fireproof Filing Cabinet - ZYF Series

Italy Product Overview
  • The ZYF Series Filing Cabinet is approved by JIS1937-2006 1 hour and 2hour fire rating. This means that the internal temperature of the ling cabinet will not exceed 350° F for at least one hour when exposed to external temperatures of over 1700° F.
  • This exhaustive testing proves that the International Series is built to survive the worst conditions. Its natural/oven-dried, asbestos-free insulation maintains this protection for a lifetime.
  • Finish - An electrostatically-applied powder coating makes for the ZYF Series scratch, scuff and stain resistance. Plus, a five-stage pr-finishing treatment is provided for unmatched adhesion and rust resistance.
  • Drawer Suspensions - A heavy-duty suspension is securely mounted with screws to metal posts in the International Series le body
  • Drawer Bodies - Each File drawer body is built with high sides for use with hanging folders – no additional frames are required. Drawers are suitable for A-4, box file, folio, foolscap and ledger filing.
  • Drawer Bypass - Works for all ZYF Series drawers. In its “up” position, a two-position drawer catch allows that drawer to stay unlocked while all other drawers remain locked.
  • Drawer Lock - The ZYF Series features a heavy-duty keylock and optional combination locks for additional security and multiple locking. Interlocking device is arranged between every 2 drawers: the user does not necessarily use independent locking in each drawer once interlocking device applied which makes overall drawers locked by one single lock. The interlocking device is set normally at factory. The interlocking device is set at the outside of each drawer’s right board.
  • The cabinet is made up of premium galvanized steel sheet from Bao Steel, with body sheet thickness over 1mm, base thickness over 1.5mm.
  • The ZYF Series Fireproof Filing Cabinet features an exclusive 3-Year warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.
  • It also enjoys a unique after-fire FREE replacement policy conditionally from the manufacturer.

    Model No. Adjustable Shelves Dimension (H*W*D) mm/inch Ship Weight (KG/LB.)
    Body Exterior Drawer Interior
    864*551*824mm   34''*21.7''*32.4'' 290*388*562    11.4''*15.3''*22.1'' 206/454
    1231*551*824mm     48.5''*21.7''*32.4'' 279/615
    1598*551*824mm        62.9''*21.7''*32.4'' 355/782
    864*551*824mm        34''*21.7''*32.4'' 290*388*626  11.4''*15.3''*24.6''    232/511.4
    1231*551*824mm   48.4''*21.7''*32.4'' 314/692
    1598*551*824mm    62.9''*21.7''*32.4'' 418/921.5