Germany Oil Only Sorbents

Fast, effective cleanup of oil spills on land or water

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Oil Only Sorbents

Hydrophobic polypropylene fibers absorb and retain petroleum-based liquids without absorbing water, making them ideal for liquids like motor oil, transmission fluids, transformer oil, and drilling and cutting fluids. Sorbents float indefinitely and remain intact when fully saturated. White color helps identify saturation. Available in handy pre-cut pads or perforated rolls.

Meltblown sorbents offer the most economical liquid control.

Bonded sorbents feature ultrasonically bonded points, fusing fibers together for increased tensile strength.

Fine Fiber sorbents offer high absorption strength and gripping power, with two layers of polypropylene bonded around a high-loft meltblown core.

Laminated SMS resists abrasions and are low-lint to prevent contamination to sensitive parts.