Argentina Countertop and Compact Safety Cabinets for Corrosive

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argentina flammable safety cabinet

Argentina Product Overview
  • Countertop and compac cabinets let you customize your work areas and make the most of available space.
  • These specialty cabinets have the same features as our larger cabinets plus galvanized steel shelves with attached polyethylene trays and a separate polyethylene bottom sump liner that can be easily removed for cleaning drips and leaks.
  • Baked-on blue epoxy powder-coat finish—inside and out—resists acids, bases and solvents for added chemical resistance.

  • Attributes & Specifications

    Countertop and Compac Safety Cabinets for Corrosive

    Number of Doors
    and Style
    Dimensions H x W x D Adjustable
    Model No Ship Wt
    Exterior Interior lb/kg
    Exterior Interior
    4/15 1 door, manual, countertop 22 x 17 x17 in
    559 x 432 x 432 mm
    18.5 x 13.75 x 13.75 in
    470 x 349 x 349 mm
    1 ZYC0004B 63/29
    12/45 1 door, manual, compact 35 x 23.25 x 18 in
    889 x 591 x 457 mm
    30.5 x 20 x 14.562 in
    775 x 508 x 370 mm
    ZYC0012B 121/55

    * These cabinets are not recommended for storage of phenol, nitric acid or sulphuric acid.

    Applied industries

    argentina petroleum
    argentina manufacturing
    argentina Lab
    argentina Pharmaceutical
    argentina Electronic
    argentina Food
    argentina metallurgy
    argentina Miscellaneous