Argentina Fireproof Filing Cabinet - ZKB2 Series

Big Protection in a Compact Size. Perfect for Home or Small Business.
The new ZKB2 Fireproof Filing Cabinet offers full-scale protection in a small, economical size that's ideal for home, personal office or small business. It meets both JIS1937-2006 and UL® Class 350 1-hour Fire rating as larger models ZKB2 Series, and offers quality features including: scratch-resistant, powder coated finish; heavy-duty, telescoping, all-bearing drawer suspensions that are guaranteed for life; field replaceable exterior steel panels; standard key lock.For Argentina market.

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argentina Fireproof Filing Cabinet - ZKB2 Series

Argentina Product Overview
  • The ZKB2 Series Filing Cabinet is compliant with JIS1937-2006 1 hour rating. This means that the internal temperature of the ling cabinet will not exceed 350° F for at least one hour when exposed to external temperatures of over 1700° F.
  • This exhaustive testing proves that the International Series is built to survive the worst conditions. Its natural/oven-dried, asbestos-free insulation maintains this protection for a lifetime.
  • Finish - An electrostatically-applied powder coating makes for the ZKB2 Series scratch, scuff and stain resistance. Plus, a five-stage pr-finishing treatment is provided for unmatched adhesion and rust resistance.
  • Drawer Lock - The ZKB2 Series features a heavy-duty keylock and optional combination locks for additional security and multiple locking.
  • The cabinet is made up of premium galvanized steel sheet from Bao Steel, with body sheet thickness over 1mm, base thickness over 1.5mm.
  • The ZKB2 Series Fireproof Filing Cabinet features an exclusive 3-Year warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.
  • It also enjoys a unique after-fire FREE replacement policy conditionally from the manufacturer.

    Model No. Adjustable Shelves Dimension (H*W*D) mm/inch Ship Weight (KG/LB.)
    Body Exterior Drawer Interior
    864*551*824mm   34''*21.7''*32.4'' 290*388*562    11.4''*15.3''*22.1'' 206/454
    1231*551*824mm     48.5''*21.7''*32.4'' 279/615
    1598*551*824mm        62.9''*21.7''*32.4'' 355/782
    864*551*824mm        34''*21.7''*32.4'' 290*388*626  11.4''*15.3''*24.6''    232/511.4
    1231*551*824mm   48.4''*21.7''*32.4'' 314/692
    1598*551*824mm    62.9''*21.7''*32.4'' 418/921.5