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Factory direct supplier -Fireproof filing cabinet, Flammable industrial safety cabinet,

Spill containment pallet and Safety cans.

Factory workshop & warehouse
Wuxi Huanawell Metal Manaufacturer Co. Ltd is such an entity, establishing and figuring out resources and catalysts to help customers work better, live better with peace of mind. We are striving creating values needed by the clients in both industrial & civil sectors, which help them be more productive, including with the latest technology, core office supplies, facilities products, furniture, and all possible security solutions. The company also provides a variety of services including sourcing & outsourcing in relevant industrial and civil areas.

Main Products:

Industrial Safety Product

Civil Safety Product

Industrial Metal Safety Cabinet-ZYCSeries
Product range:Yellow cabinet for flammable liquid storage||Red cabinet for combustible liuquid storage||Blue cabinet for acid & corrosive storage
Application:Wildly used in the feilds of oil, chemibal industry,research lab, pharmacy and other dangerous hazard material storage.
Standard:OSHA 29 CFR1910.106 and NFPA Code 30,.



Fireproof Filing Cabinet-ZYF Series
Product range:safeguarding your valuable records and documents
Application:Mainly used for banking, security, government agencies and other industry
Standard:Fire reistant rating complys with Japan JIS(S 1037-1989)industrial standard



Polypropylene(PP) Safety Cabinets-ZYP Series
Product range:For a variety of corrosive chemicals storage, such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid, sulfuric acid, etc.
Application:Mainly used for chemical, pharmaceutical and others.
Standard:Conform to US secondary containment requirenment




Standard Safety Cabinets for Corrosives-ZYC Series
Product range:Flammable/Corrosive Storage Cabinets for both flammable and nonflammable corrosives.
Application::Mainly used for chemical reseach and other industry.
Standard:OSHA 29 CFR1910.106 and NFPA Code 30.


Steel Spill Containment Pallet-ZCP Series
Product range:Suitable for storage, filling water pollutants, flammable and non-flammable liquid .
Application:Mainly used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industry
Standard:Apply forStawa-R standard, it was approved to use for GHSlevel 1-3flammable and level 1-4 dangerous liquid.



Fire Resistant Safes - ZYD Series
Product rangeFor storing magnetic media, paper and other important documents, which can effectively resist the invasion from the external magnetic field, humidity and dust can be truly effective in preventing magnetic materials fade, mildew, rust and qualitative change.
Application:Mainly for foreign-funded enterprises, state-owned enterprises, government agencies and others
Standard:Fire resistant rating confrom to Japan JIS(S 1037-1989)industry standard.


Other products
Drum Safety Cabinets for Flammables
Safety Cans
PPSafety Cabinets for Combustibles
Poly Drums

Other products
Hotel Safes
Waterproof Chestbox- ZDP Series
Fire Resistant Chestbox- ZDP Series

All product above conform to OSHA、NFPA、UL、FM、JIS standard and can be customized. Any inquiry is welcomed.

Honord Clients
Cilvil Cabinet honored client: Huawei,Sony,IBM,Samsung,Siemens,Toshiba

Industrial Safety CabinetHonord clients:Shell, CNPC,Tsinghua University, Shanghai University,ABB,TOYOTA

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