Our Services

Ready to respond to your request correctly and in time

Quick response, ensured quality, as short leadtime as possible, smooth delivery is what we are striving for.

Such services are supported by our serial resources and expertise in the industries and solutions, consisting of Manufacturing, OEM/ODM, Design & Development, Agency Service, Sourcing & Outsourcing, Procurement etc., which are across in construction, chemical, petroleum, electrical & electronic, medical, pharceutical, agricultural, power generation, real estate, government division, civil & private sectors.


Manufacturing is one of our key elements in the business. Most of out manufacturing facilities and process are equipped with modern advanced machinery, techniques & technology, with ISO approved Quality Management System latest approved.

Based our regular lines of products, private label products and designs are possible to be considered for authorized production, based on mutual negotiation.


OEM - original equipment manufacturer, denote us the position for manufacturing the client's specific need of product, as long as such product could fall into regular lines of manufacturing process & resources. And OEM cooperation is based on mutual negotiation with Confidential/Non-disclosure Agreement.

ODM - original design manuafacturer, allow us the mission to customize solution client outlined. It has more complicated service chart apart from similar process as that OEM required, thus requiring better mutual understanding and cooperation.

Agency Service

We also represent some of famous brands or manufacturers in the industries, for the marketing and sales activities in the global market. Such agency services enable us not only to represent us but to penetrate the markets where our principals do not have edge to attain to separately.

Sourcing & Outsourcing

Sourcing & Outsourcing are the two sides of one hand. Sourcing help us a lot in the regula business that help meet the solution requirement, fixing our extra or supplementary demand of materials, products etc. Meanwhile, outsourcing would definitely maintain our clients' various needs satisfied, which extend our vision in the industries.