Company Strategy

The Huanawell’s overall focus is to meet the rising demand for increased security with a product-driven offering centered on the customer.

We achieve this through our primary product areas, the traditional segments of industrial storage, maintenance, repair,operation -MRO, and security solutions with safes, fire filing cabinets, access control etc.

Huanawell's strong growth comes from: long-term structural development in mature markets in China, South America, Africa and Asia Pacific;  increasing demand in emerging markets in Asia, eastern Europe, Africa and South America drives us in this way aggressively; and successes in fast-growing product segments.

The strategic action plans have been divided into three focus areas: market presence, product innovation and cost-efficiency.



We call our business strategy ‘the INTEGRATION’, since it sets out a constant path for us for the long term. First developed in 2012, it was formalized in 2013 but its core elements remained the same. The strategy lays out our ambitious purpose and vision:

Purpose: “to strive for a better lifeplace”
Vision: “to be one leading brand and supplier for industrial and civil security products, whilst reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact”
The INTEGRATION also defines four non-negotiable commitments within the business that we believe will help us achieve our purpose and mision: to provide industries and consumers necessary products and solutions to secure a better lifeplace with peach of mind. 


Products which are sustainably made, sourced and used in a way which protects the earth’s natural resources
Respect for the rights of the people and communities we work with throughout the world. To protect both people's property and life, in daily and work environment.
We work to create a better future every day, with brands and services that help people live good and work safely, and get more out of life.