Company Profile

Huanawell is an emerging name and leading global provider of products, services, and solutions for lifeplace, – whether it is an office, home, school, factory, or public facility, even a car.

Wuxi Huanawell Import & Export Co., Ltd. is such an entity, establishing and figuring out resources and catalysts to help customers work better, live better with peace of mind. We are striving creating values needed by the clients in both industrial & civil sectors, which help them be more productive, including with the latest technology, core office supplies, facilities products, furniture, and all possible security solutions. The company also provides a variety of services including sourcing & outsourcing in relevant industrial and civil areas. 

The company serves consumers and businesses in over 23 countries with more than 35 local distrbutors or dealers, and a dedicated business-to-business sales organization – all delivered through a regionally connected network operations, joint ventures, franchisees, licensees and alliance partners. The company operates under several banner brands including ZOYET, Huanawell, Golden Knight etc. Huanawell Imp.& Exp. features products from safety storage cabinet, safes, fireproof boxes, safety cans & containers, SPCCs (spill prevention, control & countermeasure), PPEs(personal Protection Equipments), Monitor Cameras...

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